Dock Flags

Dock Flags can be used on lakefront property to help

repel seagulls, geese, and other birds

from sitting on shorelines, docks, canopies, etc.

Besides being practical they are beautiful

and flutter gracefully in the wind.

There are many colors available

to suit your taste or to

display your school colors. 

Three-Piece Telescoping 19' Dock Flag

Three-piece fiberglass pole that extends from 7/1'2' to 19' 
with rotating yoke and 14' pennant. 

 Standard Pennant Sizes:  14' x 24"

Ideal for portability and storage. 

 Additionally, it is perfect for homes, family reunions, 
marinas, major festivals and events.

Color Chart

This color chart is a digital representation of stock and custom colors
 available for Dock Flag pennants.




FM Yellow


Spanish Yellow




Canada Red


Irish Green


French Blue


Royal Blue





Two-Color Pennants (see below) - Add $10
Custom Colors - Add $25


Navy & Spanish Yellow

Navy & Gold

Royal Blue & White

UN Blue & White

Irish Green & Spanish Yellow

Irish Green & White

Canadian Red & White

Maroon & Gold

Marooon & White

Black & Gold

Black & Orange

Gold & White




Starting at $159.00
plus shipping and Sales Tax

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Bruce Jones

Mounting Options for Dock Flag (Extra Charge)