Question from Marianne from Houston, Texas:

 I have a two story house with a bedroom above the 2 car garage, I believe the garage ceiling needs to be insulated since the room is very hot in summer and very cold in winter unlike the other rooms. The floor inside the bedroom is even warm/hot to walk on through the carpet.

We have replaced windows and installed a ceiling fan but nothing has worked. Can you give me any suggestions on what to use?


Hello Marianne,  My first suggestion would be to cut a hole in the drywall in the center ceiling of the garage approximately 2' x 2'.  (If you are careful when you cut it you can re-install the same piece.)  By removing this piece of drywall it should allow you to have access to the bedroom floor at which point you will be able to determine if it was ever insulated.
If there is no insulation in the floor, I would recommend that you remove a 2' strip of drywall going the opposite way of the joists in the middle of your garage ceiling.  By doing this you will have access to install blown-in insulation in every floor rafter space.  An insulation contractor can install the blown-in insulation for you.  
You also need to check the ceiling in the bedroom over the garage and make sure it was insulated properly (sometimes they are built as bonus rooms and are not completely finished when the house was originally built).  To check it you will have to crawl thru the original attic to see if there is any insulation there.  You can also have the insulation contractor check it for you when he comes to you rhouse to insulate the garage ceiling.
I hope this helps.
Bruce Jones
The Insulation Doctor